Body care set


Gift yourself or your loved ones with this fragrant Moringly BE BEAUTY set. It contains products essential for your body care. Apart from a captivating scent, they all have pure natural composition.

The set contains:

1x Moringly BE TENDER – whipped body cream
1x Moringly STAY FRESH – cream deodorant
1x Moringly BE SOFT  – solid hand balm
1x Moringly DREAM OF ME – solid perfume

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Moringa is mainly used as part of nutritional supplements or a healthy diet. But we know that moringa is beneficial not only for our health but also for our beauty!  Various studies have confirmed that it contains active substances that help fight against skin wrinkles formation. In general, the moringa extract used in cosmetics is recommended for overall skin revitalisation. We present you a new Moringly set BE BEAUTY, combining the products essential for your body care.

Moringly BE TENDER – beautifully fluffy, whipped cream for the whole body. Hand-made of purely natural and organic ingredients. The base is formed by shea butter enriched with vitamin E and, last but not least, moringa macerate in almond oil, acting as an active ingredient. The cream is scented with a combination of rosemary scent and a light citrus aroma of lemongrass and litsea.

Moringly STAY FRESH – the cream deo is a deodorant in the form of a fine, spreadable cream. Its composition is purely natural and is ideal for sensitive armpit skin. It can fight unpleasant sweating highly effectively. It is made of a combination of shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil, with moisturising and soothing effects. The moringa extract with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects is also added. Powder from Maranta arundinacea root has a suppressing effect on sweating. Deo is scented with essential oils, which, in addition to a beautiful fresh fragrance, also have antiseptic effects.

Moringly BE SOFT – solid hand balm gently treats and regenerates the skin of your hands. It is made of shea butter and almond oil, enriched with moringa macerate and vitamin E. It is scented with essential oils.

Moringly DREAM OF ME – solid perfume.  The smell of exotic patchouli with a charming and irresistible lavender complemented by herbal and fruity tones creates a seductive combination of scents in a magical solid perfume with a clear message – Dream of me! The perfume is applied to pulse points – on the wrist, behind the earlobe and in the elbow dimple. It lasts for several hours, depending on the temperature of the body and the surrounding environment.



Moringly BE TENDER – use whipped body cream as needed. Ideally, apply it to damp skin after showering.

Use all other products from the set by applying them to the skin as needed.



Store all products at room temperature (up to 25°C). Keep out of reach of children.



Moringly Be Tender – 100 ml

Moringly Stay Fresh – 50 ml

Moringly Be Smooth – 50 g (+/- 5%)

Moringly Take Me – 20 g (+/- 3g)

Other information:

All products contain 100% natural ingredients.

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