Moringa BE SLIM

Slimness set


We have prepared an ingenious set of our products perfect for weight loss and overall vitality support.

The set contains:

1x SHAPE ME – moringa with green coffee bean extract in capsules
1x ENRICH ME – pure moringa powder
1x TAKE FIVE – delicious loose leaf moringa tea

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Moringly SHAPE ME are capsules with an original formula to help you achieve satisfaction with yourself and your body. We’ve gone through every recommended weight loss supplement possible and found that what really helps, in addition to diet and exercise, is chlorogenic acid – that is, a green coffee bean extract! The effect of the chlorogenic acid lies in its influence on glucose metabolism; it also reduces glucose absorption in the intestine and prevents fat accumulation. A 2019 meta-analysis confirmed the link between coffee and weight loss.

Moringly ENRICH ME is a pure moringa powder from our own plantations on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Due to its properties, moringa is often referred to as a “miracle tree”. In addition to helping to lose weight, it is also recommended for its overall beneficial effect on vitality. Our powder is made by gently drying the leaves of the moringa tree, which are then ground into a fine powder. Our Moringly ENRICH ME powder has many versatile uses. You can add it to your favourite smoothie, breakfast porridge or other dishes. Moreover, it is also suitable for a range of homemade face masks or peelings.

Moringly TAKE FIVE are dried moringa leaves ideal for the preparation of delicious tea. It tastes delicious, not too strong. The infusion (tea) has antioxidant effects and supports our vitality.

Combining all three products intensifies the effects of the individual components. The interplay of aqueous infusion (tea) with potent antioxidant and anti-ageing effects, green powder and capsules with green coffee bean extract will act unidirectionally in the body – towards natural weight loss and body recovery.


Moringly Shape Me – recommended dosage: 2 capsules twice daily

Moringly Enrich Me – 1 teaspoon of powder twice daily. You can add the powder to a smoothie, porridge or use it as part of a seasoning mixture.

Moringly Take Five – Three times daily, pour one teaspoonful of leaves with water at max. 95°C and let infuse for 5 minutes.


Store all products from the set in a dry place at room temperature (up to 25°C). Keep out of reach of children.


Moringly Be Twiggy – 120 capsules (Weight: 61.08g +/- 5%)

Moringly Enrich Me – 50 g (+/- 5%)

Moringly Take Five – 40 g (+/- 5%)

Other information:

All products contain 100% natural ingredients. The products do not contain gluten, artificial colourings, flavourings, soy, traces of nuts, eggs, lactose and other allergens.

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